Great Automotive Repair Starts Here

Automotive repair can be scary, It doesn't have to be. Here at Lakeside Service we strive to ensure that you have a great experience at affordable prices. Don't believe us check out our reviews. We offer many different service such as: Air conditioning, brake repair, alternator repair, tune ups, timing belts and much much more. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment.



When the check engine light comes on it can be one of those things that just eats away at you from the back of your mind. Wondering what could be triggering that light?  We can diagnose and repair the things you Need to get your piece of mind back. 


Brake Service 

Lets face it, Stopping is kind of important when it comes to driving. Nothing is more annoying than having that grinding and squealing every time you tap on that pedal.  


Oil Change & Lube

Depending on your driving habits we recommend changing your engine oil frequently to help maintain your vehicles performance and reliability.