I took my car to Big Boy Auto Service. They told me my rack and pinion needed to be replaced for 800 dollars. I took it to Frank because he said he could replace a rack and pinion for 650. When I took it in, Frank found that the rack and pinion didn't even need to be replaced. It just needed some grease put into it. Frank fixed the problem for free. Big Boy Auto Service was trying to rip me off. Frank is very kind, helpful, quick, and honest. Go to Frank every time


VERY difficult to get a hold of - I've been trying to call all morning about my vehicle; they say they open at 9am, but it's 10am and still no answer!! Frustrated.


I took a truck I was buying in to have them check out, after being told it was in great shape and no problems and a $40 charge I bought the truck, a day or two later the service engine light comes on and its a $700 repair. Knock sensor and catalytic converter. I wonder how they couldn't have caught this.


I took a car by to have Frank look at it before I made an offer to buy it. He was very honest and straigtforward about what the car needed as far as repairs and maintenance goes. He doesn't have all the tools to work on my make of car, so he recommended some other places that he trusts that would be able to do the work on it. You'll have a HARD time finding someone better, or more trustworthy. It's a clean, pleasant shop to have work on your car done!


Frank was very good for us, looked at our car, didn't charge for things he very well could have, will definitely return.